Connected to Give: Community Circles

Connected to Give offers important new insights on religion and American charitable giving, challenging assumptions about where religious donors make charitable contributions and offering comprehensive information about behaviors and motivations among religious and non-religious Americans.

Connected to Give: Community Circles, the fifth report in the series, outlines the demographics of giving circle participation and examines how people explore and express shared identities through collaborative giving.

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The fifth report in a continuing series of publications based on the National Study of American Religious Giving and the National Study of American Jewish Giving


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The media kit for Connected to Give: Community Circles is forthcoming.  The attached media kit includes background information on the Connected to Give project with special attention to the second report in the series, Connected to Give: Jewish Legacies. The findings of Connected to Give are based on a survey of nearly 3,000 American Jewish households plus nearly 2,000 households from other religious groups, as well as qualitative data from focus groups and ethnographic research.
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Previous reports: Jewish and other religious giving

The initial report in the series, Connected to Give: Key Findings, is an examination of the relationship between the charitable giving behavior of American Jews and their key demographics (especially age and income); their motivations for giving; the types of organizations to which they contribute (both Jewish and non-Jewish); and comparisons with giving patterns among non-Jewish Americans. Connected to Give: Jewish Legacies, the second report in the series, focuses on planned giving, which refers to charitable contributions pledged through provisions in wills or other estate planning documents. The report compares Jews on all sides of planned giving – those with and without wills, those whose wills do and do not contain provisions for charitable bequests, and those whose charitable bequests do and do not include Jewish causes. The third report, Connected to Give: Faith Communities, compares the charitable giving behaviors of Americans from a variety of backgrounds, including their key demographics; examines their motivations for giving; and outlines the types of organizations to which they contribute. The fourth report, Connected to Give: Synagogues and Movements, explores charitable giving by American Jews who are members of Jewish congregations and/or identify with a religious movement, with a special focus on Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform affiliates.For these reports and other materials, please go to the “Reports” section of this website.